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But habits aren’t just for nuns.


Some reflections: 30 Paintings 30 Days

I did it. I showed up every day for 30 days and let da muse have her way with me. Whether she wanted to or not. Whether I wanted to or not. I showed up and did the work.

And it paid off in more ways than I ever expected.

You need to understand something about me to fully appreciate what I’m about to say. I’m one of those oh-look-at-that-shiny-squirrel kind of people. In other words, I’m easily distracted.

Because I find everything so darn interesting.

But for the last thirty days I’ve been consumed by the f-word. Focus. What I thought was going to be a simple (HA!) daily painting challenge evolved into, well … let’s see:

  • I created art every day. EVERY day. That’s what I expected to do.
  • But I didn’t expect to know more about my iPad than I did 30 days ago. Well, I guess I did but I didn’t expect to learn so much. Which is a heckuva lot compared to the previous nothing. Ditto when it comes to digital art and procreate, things I thought were A. Only good for slick tacky images. And B. Only done by geeks.
  • I painted figures. And the figures evolved and became stories. And the stories are still evolving…
  • I blogged every day. EVERY day. Just like the arting.
  • Of the thirty images, there are a good dozen that make up a strong body of work. At this time prints are available of all the Women in Red images through my Society 6 store. This will change soon as I go through and edit the images. Some may morph into cards and posters. The best will be held back for limited editions available through my website, which is still under reconstruction because I took a month off to paint. The point is, 30 days ago none of this existed. And now I’m mulling over marketing.
  • Every image I created these past 30 days, whether I’m happy with the final result or not, is a potential painting of another sort. I’m eager to get back in the studio and start smooshing paint around. OMG, yes!

Am I done with Women in Red? No, probably not. I see them as an ongoing thing. But not daily, not right now. And not strictly digital.

And now my sweetums, let me tell you about the February challenge. TA-DA, yes, February!!! Because I just now decided that EVERY MONTH THIS YEAR will have a different challenge to kick start a new habit. My creative focus for February is another twofer. January was a twofer, right? Painting every day while learning digital. So every day in February I will devote 15 minutes to de-cluttering a specific area of my house or studio. De-cluttering as in putting things where they belong, even if that means garbage or the thrift store. I will let it go. All of it. And then I’ll photograph the area that’s been cleared. Arty photos of course, showing clear, reflective zenlike surfaces. Very arty because if I’m going to be cleaning I need some inspiration to keep me going.

And I’ll report it all here on the blog because I need to be held accountable. And you’ll want to see the pretty pictures.

What about you? Got a new habit you want to start? As long as it’s legal, somewhat moral and doesn’t involve mayhem you’re welcome to share it here. Looking forward to hearing all about it in the comments below.



The Big Three Oh

This is it, my sweetums, the last day of Leslie Saeta’s 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge.

And I did it. Didn’t miss a day.

I’ll write more about that later, in other posts. Maybe even tomorrow. Because facing da muse everyday was an eye opening experience.

Women in Red # 30

Women in Red # 30

This is Women in Red # 30. She’s the last one for the 30 Day challenge. But not the last one ever. Because I don’t think I’m through with these ladies yet. In fact I know I’m not. And I’m nowhere near through exploring digital image making.

I may bring some of these studies to life on canvas. I’ll make that decision later.

Meanwhile it’s late. And I hear my bed calling my name.

Till tomorrow. 


Technical info: Created on an iPad 2 using procreate. Fueled by a hefty dose of popcorn.



30 Paintings 30 Days, day 29

Almost there, sweetums, almost there.

Women in Red # 29 © 2014 Susan Lobb Porter

Women in Red # 29 © 2014 Susan Lobb Porter

I wonder what tomorrow will bring? What will I paint for the last day of this exercise? Come back tomorrow to find out because right now I haven’t a clue.

Except there will be at least one woman. And she’ll be wearing red.


Technical info: Created on an ipad 2 using procreate and my left index finger. Fueled by a lovely slice of blueberry teacake and chocolate chips.

Day 28

30 Paintings 30 Days, day 28.


I would do the happy dance except right now there’s a cat perched on my shoulder. She’s old but her teeth are still sharp and those claws are totally capable of drawing blood. So no happy dance, just a quiet celebration that HOLY CRAP I’m almost there. ‘There‘ being finished with this particular daily painting challenge.

I’m sure there will be more, I’m growing rather fond of regularly working out my creative muscle. We’ll see. I really need to get back to rebuilding my official art website. And work on that novel.

And figure out how to clone myself so I can keep making art every day. Like this:

Women in Red # 28  © 2014 Susan Lobb Porter

Women in Red # 28 © 2014 Susan Lobb Porter

Women in Red # 28.

So what’s their story? Because every painting has a story. I’d love to hear what this image brings to mind for you. You can share your thoughts in the comments below. I promise I will eat chocolate as I read and respond to each and EVERY one. You wouldn’t want to deprive me of my chocolate, would you?

Gallery quality giclee prints of this image and others from the Women in Red series can be purchased here.

Technical details: Created entirely on an ipad 2 using procreate and my imagination. Ummm…my imagination is not yet available as an app.


Painting is Painting

30 Paintings 30 Days, day 27

Twenty-seven paintings down, three to go, every one of which were created on my ipad. I’m kind of blown away by that, as I had no prior experience with digital painting before this.

I’m still playing with the technology but when it comes down to it, painting is painting.

Some just messier than others.

Women in Red # 27 © 2014 Susan Lobb Porter

Women in Red # 27 © 2014 Susan Lobb Porter

What do you think the story is behind these women? Hint: There is a story…a different one for each of us, I’m sure. I’d love to hear yours in the comments below.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more Women in Red.

Till then, sweetums—


Technical info: created on an iPad 2 using procreate.