Back in the Groove

Back in the Groove

Part 1:  Whack me upside the head when I get like this, okay?

I’ve been distracted lately, getting this blog up and going. Learning WordPress. Or not learning WordPress. Wondering why–WHY???? am I delving into technical things that make me use the left  side of my brain, the one where logic and linear progression dwell. The side that’s dangerouly close to  ahhhh….ahhhh….MATH.

It is the left side, right? Whatever, we’ll go with that. Back to the story…

Helloooo? Knocking upside the head, the left side…anyone home in there? Don’t think so. Really. I am the mother who called the other mothers–the other first grade mothers-for help with the math homework. Numbers I’m okay with but word problems…umm, no.

But I digress. Back to the blog–I bought some books, watched some videos on youtube, found the right theme and started making headway.

Except for one little bitty thing…I needed content.


Pithy, witty words that crackle and spark and make readers gasp and come back for more. Addictive, seductive internet head CRACK.

So I started writing. And deleting. Mostly deleting. Because what I wrote sucked.

peanut butter and pretzels

Then I started on the pretzels. Lots of pretzels. But pretzels are best when dredged through peanut butter (chunky! lightly salted!) and washed down with diet ginger-ale. Not from the can, has to be in a TALL glass with LOTS of crushed ice. Followed by frozen Peppermint Patties. Have to be frozen.

Ahhh….Icy, spicy ginger-ale bubbles and rock-hard Yorks. Now that is procrastination heaven.

And yes, I know Aspertame is bad bad BAD and probably will give me brain cancer and unsightly facial tics and WILL MOST DEFINITELY make me grow a fat bushy tail just like a squirrel and I will never EVER again find a pair of pants that can accomodate both my expanding butt and my bushy tail but I DID. NOT. CARE.

Because, really, who am I to think I can write about anything much less ART? And LIFE???

Part 2: D’oh

Oh, right…. An artist.

studio kitty

An artist who hadn’t painted, hadn’t done ANYTHING in my studio for well over a week. I was down there every day letting the cat out. Letting the cat in. Feeding the cat. Watching hours and hours of HGTV with the cat on my lap while stretched out on a sofa covered in cat hair thinking about the blog.  Thinking about painting. And not doing a damn thing about either, except consuming copious amounts of junk food.

While I was getting fat and growing a bushy tail, life was passing me by.

Pity, party of one–your table is ready.

Part 3: Bingo!

So I went down to the studio this evening. Said hi to the cat. Fed her. Then I took a deep breath and checked the last painting I’d been working on. The one I put aside a week or more ago. It wasn’t bad. Pretty good, actually. Just needed a little more. Why had I stopped? Oh, right–the blog. I put on some music, grabbed some paint and Caran D’Ache. And hot wax. Layers and layers of  hot beeswax that  made  me so so so so so so  freakin’ happy with depth and luster and pure juiciness I was lost–absolutely, positively, zoned out LOST-in the creative process once again.


Feels so good!