Falling Behind

Falling Behind

Nah, I’m not actually falling behind. I’m in mega-production-painting-my-butt-off-mode again. I’m just honoring the end of Daylight Savings Time with the obligatory whine–which bring us to—

WARNING: Seasonal Whining Alert

Right now it’s pitch dark outside. Pitch dark. As in BLACK. Feels like midnight in every sense of the word, complete with my body being wrung out tired and deliciously ready for bed.

And it’s only 7:30.

I must be coming down with–holy crap, I AM coming down with… (drumroll please) the dreaded dark ‘n dreary days of autumn HIBERNATION SYNDROME!!!

Oh noooooooooooooo!

All I want to do is eat bread and potatoes and slather butter over everything. I want to STUFF my face with carbs. Dive head first into a plate of mac ‘n cheese. And have a steaming cup of tea by my side at all times.

But that’s enough–ENOUGH!!–I say of this whining. You came here to read about art, right? Well, then Imma gonna show you some ART.

First I’ll show what’s happening in the studio.


This is what’s happening. Using up all sorts of watercolor paper and rag board that’s been lying around the studio for ev-ah. Slapping a couple coats o’gesso on it and then, my dearies, I shall paint ’em up, stick ’em in some matts I happen to have an abundance of and SELL those suckers at my next show. Every one of them. For millions and millions of dollars.

I will make a fortune and retire to the south of France. I’ve never been but I hear it’s a very nice place.


I have no idea what I’m going to paint yet but here are more papers drying on the studio floor. I started the one with the figures ages ago but since I had a fresh bottle of gesso and a paintbrush in my hand I couldn’t help but white out the background.

And then there’s this, the start of my new series, CALIFORNIA GOLD.

California Gold # 1 Mixed Media on Canvas 24x24 inches 2014 Susan Lobb Porter

California Gold # 1
Mixed Media on Canvas 24×24 inches
2014 Susan Lobb Porter

I showed this on Facebook last week as a work in progress but I think it’s finished now. Maybe a few final tweaks but pretty much what you see.

That’s enough about art, I’m going to go to bed. And probably dream about carbs…umm…nom…nom….

As always–






Open Studios

Open Studios

October? Already???

Oh my sweetums, I have been neglecting you. Truly I have. After thirty new paintings in thirty days, being a complete creative overachiever I went cold turkey on the blog.

But I had a good excuse, had to get ready for Open Studios.

This year I took full advantage of the studio patio, setting up a display outside


So I could free up the inside for painting demos. Lots of painting demos. That’s why the table’s a mess, ’cause I was working. Making art.


I’ve been doing Open Studios for a few years now and I think this was my BEST one. Had a decent turnout, great people, lots of good feedback and some solid sales.

Most of all, I had FUN! OMG, yes!!! So much fun talking with people, answering questions, demonstrating techniques. Open Studios feeds me–and no, Im not referring to the Halloween candy and oranges you see up above (although that too). It feeds me in that feels-good-spot in my creative soul.

Note to self: Remember this next year. Pluh-eeze. Especially the month before when you’re pulling out your hair and going batshit crazy and wondering why the hell you’re doing this again.

Ahhh… so yes, two weekends of positive social interaction. And painting. And money in the bank. All good stuff. And now I’m back to making more art. Here’s what I finished today.

mixed media abstract landscape

The Garden, Late Afternoon.
Mixed Media on Canvas 24″x24″
2014 Susan Lobb Porter

This started life as one of the 30/30 paintings, day 16. It was an ok painting and then I had this brilliant idea to glaze the lower half. But I used the wrong medium. Or maybe it was the wrong brush. It ended up looking like crap. So for one of the demos I threw on some gesso and tissue and began something totally different than what you see up there. No problem, it’s all about layers, right? Yesterday I pulled it out again and did a fairly representational view of my garden. And then, just when I finished last night, I stepped back, looked at it and said, “Ummm…no…”

Because I’m all about simplifying the image these days.

Before I could change my mind I grabbed a tube of Cadmium Yellow Medium and squeezed a big fat line of it it right onto the canvas. Then I took a squeegee and started moving it around. Made myself all kinds of happy. Finished it up today.

And Tuesday it’s going to the gallery.

Umm…life is good!

Until next week–




Thirty Days Hath September

Thirty  Twenty-eight paintings. Thirty days.

California Impressions # 28-30.

Hey, considering the size of this puppy–3 by 4 feet–I figure taking two days is okay. Four, actually, ’cause it’s not finished.

It would’ve been finished if I’d been happy just making a larger version of this. But I paint like I cook, which is NEVER the same way twice. I was this close (pinch thumb and index finger 1/8 inch apart) this close when I decided it was time to throw some paint on and see how far I could push it.

I’m still ‘sperimentin’ but here’s where it’s at as of this evening.


work in progress

work in progress

I’ll post a photo of it when it’s finished, should be in the next day or two.

And then I really have to clean things up for Open Studios. It’s coming up this weekend and next.

OMG–clap hands over ears and run in circles shouting, “Holy crap–gots me LOTS to do!!!”

Back in a couple of days. Until then–


Quick Dry

Thirty paintings. Thirty days.

California Impressions # 27

With less than a week until Open Studios, I decided I better switch back to acrylics. Be nice if they were dry for the show, although I have to admit I’ve hung my share of wet paintings. Just so uncool when people lean against them, y’know…

Shhhh…don’t tell that lady she’s got a nice patch of yellow on the back of her coat, okay?


California Impressions # 27
Acrylic on Canvas 6×8 inches
2014 Susan Lobb Porter

Until tomorrow–


Down in the Valley

Thirty paintings. Thirty days.

California Impressions # 26.


California Impressions # 26
Oil and cold wax on canvas 10×10 inches
2014 Susan Lobb Porter

This is such a screamin’ California scene. Scattered clusters of wide spreading oaks are a common sight in the lower foothills or the valley floor.

So different from the dense forest where I live. More fun to paint, too!

Until tomorrow–