Thirty  Twenty-eight paintings. Thirty days.

California Impressions # 28-30.

Hey, considering the size of this puppy–3 by 4 feet–I figure taking two days is okay. Four, actually, ’cause it’s not finished.

It would’ve been finished if I’d been happy just making a larger version of this. But I paint like I cook, which is NEVER the same way twice. I was this close (pinch thumb and index finger 1/8 inch apart) this close when I decided it was time to throw some paint on and see how far I could push it.

I’m still ‘sperimentin’ but here’s where it’s at as of this evening.


work in progress

work in progress

I’ll post a photo of it when it’s finished, should be in the next day or two.

And then I really have to clean things up for Open Studios. It’s coming up this weekend and next.

OMG–clap hands over ears and run in circles shouting, “Holy crap–gots me LOTS to do!!!”

Back in a couple of days. Until then–