Oh my sweetums, I have a confession, indeed I do. Your favorite-best-beloved-kale-swigging artist, AKA Moi, has been dining on Reese’s for the better part of the day. But not because I WANTED to or gained ANY pleasure from doing so at all. No no no!!! I was taking one for the art team, you see. It’s all considered Open Studios prep, a quick source of protein nutrition, something to tide me over while painting–no, NOT JUST PAINTING, painting my hiney into the arty frenzy that comes before a show.

Which is a grand and glorious way to impress you with my creative productivity, as opposed to leaving you shaking your head and tsk tsking at the thought of paint smeared gobs of peanut butter and chocolate finding their way straight from my mouth to the aforementioned hiney. Because that’s the way these things work.

In the end it’s not sugar and fat, it’s body sculpture.

And Muse Magic.  Because I’ve been on FIRE. Oh yes, FIRE all day. All week. Got so many works-in-progress going right now I can’t even guestimate the number. Lots. Not your average lots. We’re talkin’ the kind of lots that really means LOTS.

It’s so exciting!!!

I’m going to show you a couple of ’em right now. Remember last week’s post, Between the House and the Barn.  I posted some photos I took that I considered to be inspiration for paintings.

Disclaimer: Inspiration DOES NOT DICTATE creativity, it merely kick starts it.

So don’t expect my paintings to look anything like the original photos. Just sayin’…

Original photos:

Cement Mixer



Works in progress derived from above photos:

Work in progress SLPorter

Work in progress

This one is oil on top of other things. Acrylic. Collage. We’ll call it mixed media. Small. 8×8 inches. Maybe 10×10.

This one is oil and cold wax on top of collage and acrylic. I believe it’s 24×30 inches. They’re both on cradled panels.

Work in progress oil and cold wax SLPorter

Work in progress
oil and cold wax

Not the best photo in the world, color is a bit off. I’m thinking I might experiment with some shellac on this. Maybe. Get some nice honey drips going. That’s something from sister Marjorie Ellen’s bag o’tricks. 

We’ll see….

Hey, thanks for dropping by. As always, let me know what you think in the comments below. And if you like what you see, please share with your friends. xoxo