This week I went waaaay beyond my creative comfort zone. To the place that has rulz.

Rulz? Really??? Mwahahahahaha…YES!!!

I kid you not!

I stayed within the lines. Gasp! Did not drip on the floor. Ohhhhhhhh… No Springsteen, no air guitar, no jumping around with fully charged brush in my hands. WHAT??? And no scribbling. Oh nooooo, say it ain’t sooooo!!!

I was BORED out of my ever lovin’ mind. It was torture. Every minute of it was nothing less than fingernails on the chalkboard painful. It was the ultimate stick-a-fork-in-the–eye experience.

But…and this is a BIG but, a HUGE but…the walls of my bedroom are now painted. YAY!!! They’re clean.  And fresh. And some flavor of khaki. Yes, I think you could call it khaki. Sort of.

bedroom walls

Even tho the photo looks yellow. Trust me, it’s a more earthy color with a slight gray note. Khaki. Definitely.

Which brings me to my next point…picking the color was whack me upside the head crazy making H.A.R.D. After hours of swatches and samples and indecisive color wheel impotence, I took three paint chips up to the counter and asked the kid behind the register which one he liked best. He looked at them for–oh hell, I don’t think he even looked at them at all, he just pointed to one.

And I said great, I’ll take a couple gallons of that. Even tho it was my LEAST FAVORITE of the three. I took his advice because I went to art school and I can’t pick WALL paint to save my ass.

And I like it just fine. Because now it’s all done I can crank up the music, bounce around the studio and and go back to painting like this.


And make things like this.

Ahhhh…. And I know the perfect wall to hang this on, until the next show, that is.