Oh my sweetums…I have been to the moooooon and back this week.  An over the top orgy of creative bliss.

I have painted. Waxed. Manipulated. With more than one medium. Sometimes more than one at a time. That’s right, a little Arty Life love bunny flitting from one creative satisfaction to another. Loving ’em all passionately. Moving on to the next in line while leaving the first out to dry. Or download. Or set up. Or percolate in my brain.

And now I’m kickin’ back in the living room, feet on the furniture. Sated. Purring like a twenty year old heroine in a trashy novel. If I could talk to that girl, the one in that novel I’d say, “Oh honey, it gets even better than that. Trust me. Someday you will discover the Arty G Spot, the one between your ears, and life will never be the same.”

At least I hope she does.

blog 21 tools

This is a tease, a look behind the scenes at some well used oil and wax toys. (No comment. Do NOT go there!!!) I’m currently working on five panels, none of which are in the show-to-the-public-stage yet. They’re shy, y’know. Perhaps next week, when our relationship is more developed.

And here’s a peek at what else I’ve been doing this week. There are many many MANY more.

blog cat

This is where painting and I parted ways. This, my dearies, is a digital manipulation of a photograph. Imagine that!

DP AQ Saki web copy

As is this, today’s (and every days’) contribution to the pony series.

And (arrow pointing down) the oh so DRAMATIC  self-portrait!

SP 1 copy

Which has not so dramatic roots….

blog ladies room

Holy crappola, Batman! She’s finding inspiration in the work place potty!  Which only goes to show there ARE no boundaries to inspiration.

But wait–there’s MORE!!!

Remember last week when I said Arty Life will be undergoing a transformation? That’s still in the works. Or in my brain thinking about being in the works. Which is almost the same thing in my world. I have great plans afoot, including, but not limited to, digital magic! Which is why I did not explain any of the apps I used up above. That will come in time. More detailed than I can do right now. So keep checking in. I’m thinking around Valentine’s Day for the grand unveiling. And then I realized that’s only two weeks away. So maybe not. But soon, I promise.

As always, looking forward to hearing from you in the comments. If you have any suggestions, things you’d like to see covered in the new! improved! Arty Life!!! be sure to tell me.

XO my best beloveds. Till next week. Or the comments. Whichever comes first.