Random Acts of ART. Spreading the luvvvvvvv. One heart, one rock at a time.

heart rocks

Tokens to share with anyone who finds them.

rock in planter

First for friend and co-worker Christina. She’s on vacation and doesn’t know I, ahem… borrowed some rocks. Made them pretty. And put one back with the avocado tree. Where I got it in the first place.

gas station rock

First public drop…the gas station. Tucked away there next to the pump. Much harder than I thought. I stood there pumping gas, feeling the weight of all those rocks in my pocket and KNOWING everyone was looking at me. Which they weren’t, of course.

I felt like a criminal.

And really, it’s not like I was doing anything wrong. Just a little artistic littering. Spreading the luvvvvv with unexpected treasures found in unexpected places. I kept looking around in a most guilty manner. And when the coast was clear I made my move.

Whew…no sirens. Not a one.

Emboldened by my brazen actions I moved downtown. The PERFECT, I mean the most positively absolutely PERFECT drop spot manifested right there on the sidewalk.

sidewalk rock art

A little hole..no,no, a nest… just begging to be prettied up. Which I did. Without a moment’s hesitation.

coffee shop

From there I went to the coffee shop. The table was too obvious.

rock in the window

But the window sill between the curtains was just right.

rock with cards

And the shelf with the Valentine cards…oh yeah, couldn’t pass that up now, could I?

I painted a total of twenty-something rocks. My original idea was to scatter them all at once. But what started out as a silly Valentine’s Day event became something…different.

It became a mission. Johnny Appleseed planted trees. I’m planting…well, I’m planting ROCKS. But they have hearts on them and good intentions. And maybe, just maybe, people will find them and smile. They can keep them or they can leave them for someone else to find later. Or they can find their own place to hide them. It doesn’t matter, I’m just passing them along.

And I’m going to keep on doing this. Because it FEELS SO GOOD. I’ll be hiding one or two of these heart rocks every day. Somewhere in the community. I’ll photograph them and post the photos here on a regular basis, say every Wednesday. Random Acts of Art Wednesday. Make it a regular thing until we get bored.

What do I mean, we?

‘We’ my sweetums, means YOU can do the same thing. Doesn’t have to be rocks. Could be little cards or bookmarks. A little piece of art in public places. Something that will make people smile and will do no harm. Something that will make you feel good. If you have a blog you can post the link here. And if you don’t have a blog you can send your photos to me and I’ll post them.

Changing the world one little piece of art at a time. Or at least having fun thinking we are.